Saturday, June 25, 2011

HP Blackbird 002 Paper Model

Hey. Guess what? I finished one. I finished a model. I know. Pretty hard for me to believe, too. It's a pretty simple one. But, alas,I made it harder than it had to be. This model was published as an advertisement on the back of one of my Maximum PC magazines. The paper wasn't the strongest, so I figured gluing it to a piece of card stock would shore it up a bit. Well, this was a rather foolish idea.

As I cut out the parts, each one wanted to curl, leading me place the pieces under a heavy book to flatten them out. This added about a week or so to the build time. Good thing I wasn't in a hurry. Also, I applied the adhesive unevenly, resulting in bubbling on the surface, and unsealed edges. Fixing these, of course, added time to the project as well. But, I persevered and the results are not great, but OK.

Fortunately, you are spared the toil of my past mistakes, thanks to a gracious individual who scanned the page into an Adobe PDF file and submitted it for download on Media Fire. Something I really should have thought of. The link has a different case design than mine. Too late now. Sorry for that. I blame the meds.

The model has three main parts; the body, the base and a removable side. If you're looking for a glossy finish like the magazine edition pictured above, I would try printing the template out on photo paper.

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