Friday, November 20, 2009

Still Amazing ....

This is another quick post to show just how far this hobby can go. I've always admired this project and wanted to attempt it, but let's face it, my skills aren't there and the time investment would be incredible. Still, I like to come back to this one to see what can really be done, with effort, of course, with paper and a printer. You really should check it out. Click here -> Yamaha Motors Company

Quick Post

Hey Gang, just a quick post for this clever little toy from our friends from the east. It's a miniature, playable Foosball Table. It's bright and colorful. Would be fun to sit on a bar or kitchen table to play with friends. I'd like to take a stab at it, but I'm still finishing my Halloween project. (Been a bit under the weather.) As soon as I'm done though, look for a pretty detailed article on it's construction. 'Til then, keep on building.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Late, Late, Late ....

Sorry, folks, had a recent hospital stay that put me WAY behind in my newest build. I'm working on the Ghost House from Raven's Blight. I'd like to mention that this project is for at least an intermediate skill level. You can see how far I've gotten in the slide show and in the pic below. I documented this one pretty well, and plan to put the pics up during a future post. Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween. I'll be researching some Thanksgiving builds from around the web as well. So, look for that. Sorry again about the delays; I promise to make it up to you guys! Please comment! I'd love to hear what you have to say, as well as any links you may have found. Happy building gang!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Geeky Halloween Masks

These masks really cracked me up. They're from I had to add them to the Halloween collection. The Gates and Jobs masks were particular favorites. For the haunted geek in all of us! Check 'em out.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween Projects

Sorry I've been lax on my duties lately. Well, All Hallow's Eve. Halloween is upon us, which gives the kids (us) a chance to get all spooky. I've done a little cruising around the internets and came across a few cool builds for Paper Modelers. Check out some of these links. They range in skill level from childish to quite advanced. All of these links are free. A couple are the result of countless hours of work designing and engineering by individuals who do this stuff for the pure fun of it, and expect nothing in return. Let's Trick them with a Treat this Halloween and support these independent producers who keep us so entertained. Stuff to think about as you check out the following links: Happy Halloween, everybody!

Ravens' Blight
Ravensblight has several Haunted Mansion models for free download. Cool looking site. Many models are highly detailed.

Five creations of Frankenstein. Also a couple Dracula projects. Kid-friendly non-scary toys, masks and busts.

Chamoo Papercraft - The Nightmare Before Christmas
Three characters from the Tim Burton film "The Nightmare Before Christmas". Jack Skellington is my favorite.

Skeleton's Hand
An unusual model of a skeleton's hand with simple folds. Very creative.

Haunted Dimensions
Creator/designer Ray Keim has developed a beautifully designed site with wonderful detailed models. "Haunted Dimensions" has help and instructions available on the site. He also has pictures and short videos of how he created these projects and the process of 3D Paper Model Creation. It's facinating to learn how much work goes into these models. Many of the files are large (over 5mb downloads). All the author askes for in return is to keep the credit for the models and your promise that you will keep the files free. Please visit this site and support Mr. Keim and his efforts!

Pumpkins & Witches
Yamaha Motor Company? Strange place to find Halloween Papercraft, but here they are: Several paper pumpkins and a cute 3d witch on a broom.

Tabletop Graveyard
Tabletop Graveyard Compilation by Tektonten Papercraft. Pulled from several sites, these various models come together into a creepy scene.

Haunted Mansion Board Game
A paper model version of the Haunted Mansion Board game from Disney. Be prepared to work for your play, though. The model is 59 pages!

Haunted Mansion Mod Pics by Fan
This is a completed project by a fan of the Haunted Mansion Paper Model by Ray Keim. While not a download, the article is interesting and the extra work put in by the fan (foliage, lighting, and more) makes the model that much more realistic. The pictures are beautiful.

Canon's Halloween Papercrafts
Canon's contribution to All Hallows' Eve. Simple, whimisical constructions that are great for children.

If any of you have any other cool or interesting links to downloadable Halloween content please post it in the comments!

Have a really fun and safe Halloween kids.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Latest Build

Sorry, I haven't posted for while. Here's a photo of my latest project. It'll be a gift for a drummer buddy of mine.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Essential Tools

Heres the short list of tools you will need to begin paper model building. These tools are common: most of you will have these items laying about the house.

The one thing you will probably need to purchase is probably your most important:

Get a good cutting mat.
These can be found in any office store, local superstore, even drug stores. They run about $15 bucks for a 11 by 18 inch mat. Do NOT skip this step. You can work on your models on just about any flat stable surface. Make sure this mat is underneath it. This is for your own safety. The cutting mat is designed to be cut and then reseal. So you can cut on it again and again. Its made to prevent sharp cutting blades from skipping across the work surface and cutting your hand. Get one of these. I cannot stress this enough. I will not be responsible for someone trying to cut on a piece cardboard on a shaky coffee table. That's on you. I've warned you; it's the best I can do.

The next items are all common.

1: A sharp knife or cutting blade.

Best choice is a hobby knife. But even one of those disposible breakaway knives are acceptable (and cheap.) Just make sure it's sharp. For the same reasons as I mentioned above with the cutting mat. It's a safety thing. A sharp blade is always safer than a dull one. You can get by with scissors (and they are very handy sometimes) but much if the cutting is detailed and scissors can bend the cardstock while trying to make a cut. But still, it can be done, and you should have a pair in your arsenal anyway.

2: A Straight Edge for Cutting.

A metal edge is best here, but a good plastic one can suffice. You will be making many straight cuts, and having a stable edge to draw your blade next to will ease your work and reduce hand fatigue.

3: Adhesives.

Common white glue is always a good choice. It is also useful to keep one of those glue sticks around as well. Both are cheap, and will come in hand in different ways.

Here's a great link to more tools tips :

Later, I'll discuss some more useful, but not necessary, tools that will make paper construction easier, and more fun.

But, don't wait; go ahead and get started!


Heres another link to tool tips and advice:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Temporary Setback

Sorry I haven't posted lately, my friends, but I required a brief hospital stay. I'll be home the rest of the week, and have a couple of interesting posts planned, including my latest project and a post on "Tools of the Trade," which I plan to break down into essentials and extras that are just nice to have around to make construction easier. So stay tuned!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Photos Finally!

Here are some pics of some of the models I've constructed over the last year. Some are simple, some, not so much. The Viper is a particular favorite. Reminded me of when I was a kid. Ahh, good times. Anyway, I have links posted to take you to each of these projects, except for the '08 Card Boy Calendar; that was only available for free for a limited time. The others are all available for download for free.

Update - The Fahrenheit 451 Cafe' Model is no longer available.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Card Modeling FAQ

If you have any interest in paper/card models, this FAQ should answer most of your questions. The forum in the previous post should provide answers to any other questions you may have. By the way, I have some photos of some of the projects I have completed in the past. Maybe they will inspire you! Look for them here in a day or two.

Card Model FAQ:

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Zealot Forum

Just real quick, I wanted to point you to a great resource for links and help you in your modeling adventures. The Zealot Forums has a wonderfully helpful community, as well as links to software, patterns, .PDO and .PDF files, and a gallery of the members' creations. The Zealot Forum has a great community of informative, experienced, helpful people. Have fun with them!

Paper Model Design Software

I forgot to mention in my previous post, that you could design your own models. The premium choice among paper modellers is the Pepakura application that allows you to import a project in 3D from your favorite 3D design software, and creates an exploded view of the file, allowing the user to easily create printable parts for assembly. The Pepakura viewer is used to view .PDO files, the format used by the program, that others have created. To make your own, you need to purchase the Pepakura designer. Many, many .PDO files are available on the Web. Just search for .PDO and enjoy!

Pepakura Website

Paper Modelling - Inexpensive and Fun

A couple of years ago, I was going through some health problems that preventing me from working for almost two years. During that time, I had much free time at my disposal. One way to keep my mind occupied was to revisit some hobbies I had as a child. I had always enjoyed building models, but my budget prevented me from spending any money on the wonderful, detailed plastic and vinyl models that are available everywhere today.
Well, I had a computer, a printer, and internet access. Turns out, I had everything I needed to rekindle my love of model building. There are many, many free and cheap models to be had on the internet; all available for downloading. Simply download the pattern, print, and build!
The subjects range incredibly from simple cubic cariactures to highly detailed scale replicas of everything from buildings to spacecraft, cars, boats, aircraft and more. Only the most basic of tools are required: some white glue, scissors, and maybe a hobby knife for finer cuts. Some can be built in a hour, some may require months to complete. I promise, there is something for every taste. Holiday decorations, moving models, scale models, replicas of famous buildings, even scientific models for education.
While I took on this hobby as a cure for boredom, I gained a lot more; including techinical skills, trivia, construction techniques, history lessons, not to mention exercises in dexterity, as well as brain exercises in problem solving and mathmatics. Modelling is a rewarding and fruitful hobby that exercises the mind, the most important muscle of all. I would urge anyone reading this article to explore the world of paper modelling and enjoy all of its benefits.