Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween Projects

Sorry I've been lax on my duties lately. Well, All Hallow's Eve. Halloween is upon us, which gives the kids (us) a chance to get all spooky. I've done a little cruising around the internets and came across a few cool builds for Paper Modelers. Check out some of these links. They range in skill level from childish to quite advanced. All of these links are free. A couple are the result of countless hours of work designing and engineering by individuals who do this stuff for the pure fun of it, and expect nothing in return. Let's Trick them with a Treat this Halloween and support these independent producers who keep us so entertained. Stuff to think about as you check out the following links: Happy Halloween, everybody!

Ravens' Blight
Ravensblight has several Haunted Mansion models for free download. Cool looking site. Many models are highly detailed.

Five creations of Frankenstein. Also a couple Dracula projects. Kid-friendly non-scary toys, masks and busts.

Chamoo Papercraft - The Nightmare Before Christmas
Three characters from the Tim Burton film "The Nightmare Before Christmas". Jack Skellington is my favorite.

Skeleton's Hand
An unusual model of a skeleton's hand with simple folds. Very creative.

Haunted Dimensions
Creator/designer Ray Keim has developed a beautifully designed site with wonderful detailed models. "Haunted Dimensions" has help and instructions available on the site. He also has pictures and short videos of how he created these projects and the process of 3D Paper Model Creation. It's facinating to learn how much work goes into these models. Many of the files are large (over 5mb downloads). All the author askes for in return is to keep the credit for the models and your promise that you will keep the files free. Please visit this site and support Mr. Keim and his efforts!

Pumpkins & Witches
Yamaha Motor Company? Strange place to find Halloween Papercraft, but here they are: Several paper pumpkins and a cute 3d witch on a broom.

Tabletop Graveyard
Tabletop Graveyard Compilation by Tektonten Papercraft. Pulled from several sites, these various models come together into a creepy scene.

Haunted Mansion Board Game
A paper model version of the Haunted Mansion Board game from Disney. Be prepared to work for your play, though. The model is 59 pages!

Haunted Mansion Mod Pics by Fan
This is a completed project by a fan of the Haunted Mansion Paper Model by Ray Keim. While not a download, the article is interesting and the extra work put in by the fan (foliage, lighting, and more) makes the model that much more realistic. The pictures are beautiful.

Canon's Halloween Papercrafts
Canon's contribution to All Hallows' Eve. Simple, whimisical constructions that are great for children.

If any of you have any other cool or interesting links to downloadable Halloween content please post it in the comments!

Have a really fun and safe Halloween kids.