Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Essential Tools

Heres the short list of tools you will need to begin paper model building. These tools are common: most of you will have these items laying about the house.

The one thing you will probably need to purchase is probably your most important:

Get a good cutting mat.
These can be found in any office store, local superstore, even drug stores. They run about $15 bucks for a 11 by 18 inch mat. Do NOT skip this step. You can work on your models on just about any flat stable surface. Make sure this mat is underneath it. This is for your own safety. The cutting mat is designed to be cut and then reseal. So you can cut on it again and again. Its made to prevent sharp cutting blades from skipping across the work surface and cutting your hand. Get one of these. I cannot stress this enough. I will not be responsible for someone trying to cut on a piece cardboard on a shaky coffee table. That's on you. I've warned you; it's the best I can do.

The next items are all common.

1: A sharp knife or cutting blade.

Best choice is a hobby knife. But even one of those disposible breakaway knives are acceptable (and cheap.) Just make sure it's sharp. For the same reasons as I mentioned above with the cutting mat. It's a safety thing. A sharp blade is always safer than a dull one. You can get by with scissors (and they are very handy sometimes) but much if the cutting is detailed and scissors can bend the cardstock while trying to make a cut. But still, it can be done, and you should have a pair in your arsenal anyway.

2: A Straight Edge for Cutting.

A metal edge is best here, but a good plastic one can suffice. You will be making many straight cuts, and having a stable edge to draw your blade next to will ease your work and reduce hand fatigue.

3: Adhesives.

Common white glue is always a good choice. It is also useful to keep one of those glue sticks around as well. Both are cheap, and will come in hand in different ways.

Here's a great link to more tools tips : http://personal.lig.bellsouth.net/n/8/n8hfi/card-faq/tips.html#s3.1

Later, I'll discuss some more useful, but not necessary, tools that will make paper construction easier, and more fun.

But, don't wait; go ahead and get started!


Heres another link to tool tips and advice: http://members.shaw.ca/billjones/PAPER_MACHINES.html

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